Weekend sports wrap-up

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It was an exciting weekend of sports as we had all four teams in action.  The MS Girls volleyball traveled to Marist to face Marist and Osaka.  Unfortunately, they lost both games, but it was a good learning experience for a young team.    The MS boys baseball was at Canadian Academy to play the Falcons.  It was their first game of the year, but they able to win one game while losing one.  It too was a good learning experience as many of the players are first year players. The HS girls volleyball team traveled to Osaka to participate in a volleyball festival.  They faced some good competition and played well.  Even though they lost all three games, each game went to the maximum three sets.  The HS boys volleyball team was at Canadian Academy for a volleyball festival.  They too faced some good competition, but they were able to come out of the day with two wins and one loss.  The one loss was a tough three set match against the home team.