HS boys come back from CA with a wet win

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The HS boys' soccer team traveled to CA last Saturday and defeated the Falcons 4-3 in the varsity match and 2-1 in an additional 35-minute half. The Flames began the match well, moving out to a 2 goal lead part way through the first half. Unfortunately, some defensive indecision led to 2 easy goals to bring CA up even at the half. In the second half, the Flames worked together more closely and created some good chances which resulted in 2 more goals. CA pressed harder at the end and came up with a third goal, but the defense held on to deny them another chance. From near the end of the second half, rain began to fall and the last period was played in a rather steady rain. Andy Wilson and Fuki Takeda scored a goal each in that half. Andy had 3 goals on the day, Fuki had 2 and Haruki had a fine goal of his own in the first half.