Weekend review

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All three of the Flames' sports team played at Senri-Osaka International School on Saturday, 2/6. In the morning, the girls were in the gym and played very well against the Sabers. The A team won 22-18, while the B team dropped their game against the Sabers' B team. Out on the field, the boys' soccer team played futsal (5-a-side) and had lots of good experience even though the results were not in the Flames' favor.

In the afternoon, the HS boys took the field and played 8-a-side soccer on the full SOIS field. It was a bit more challenging than expected due to the restriction in field size and team arrangement. The boys played well throughout the day, especially Kasei Kita in goal who had many fine saves. The Sabers broke through and scored in the second half, winning 3-0 in the end. In the second match, Fuki Takeda scored for the Flames, but the Sabers ended up winning 2-1.