9/26 MS Girls Volleyball HOME match!

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This Saturday, September 26, the MS Girls' volleyball team will host Marist Brothers International School at Tanabe Central Gym. 土曜日、田辺中央体育館で試合があります。ぜひ、応援に来てください! Come and cheer for the Flames! 

8:20am Leave KIUA
8:30am Leave Shintanabe Station
8:40am Arrive at the gym
9:30am A team match
10:30am B team match
11:50am clean up
12:00pm Leave the gym.
12:15pm Drop off at Shintanabe Station



HS Midseason tournament results

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The HS teams participated in the WJAA midseason tournaments this past weekend. The boys traveled down to Fukuoka and played 6 matches, losing only once in a close 3-set match to Marist in the semifinal. The boys then beat Nagoya in two sets, coming back in dramatic fashion in the second set to win third place. Senri-Osaka downed Marist in 3 straight sets to win the final. Coach King and the boys were happy with the results and see that they can continue to improve throughout the coming weeks before hosting the season-ending tournament October 9-10. (continued...)

The girls had a tough time, narrowly losing several matches, at their tournament at Marist in Kobe. They knocked off EJ King (Sasebo naval base HS) in 3 sets [25-22, 17-25, 15-8], and CA [25-21, 27-25], but lost to SOIS and MC Perry in 2 hard-fought matches. In their last match against Nagoya, the Flames lost in a full-set match [24-26, 25-23, 9-15]. Since this is only the midseason, Coach Blocksom and the girls have sights set on improving and making a stronger showing in October.


9/18-19 HS Boys' Volleyball Midseason Tournament

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The HS boys will travel to Fukuoka International School by KIU bus to play in a two-day tournament.

9:00pm Leave KIU Academy
9:10pm Leave Shintanabe Station
             Students will sleep in the bus on the way to FIS.
6:00am Team will arrive at FIS and will rest in our designated room. 
10:00am Stretch and warm-up, get ready to play the first match at 11:30am.
              Stay overnight at FIS.

Game times will depend upon Friday’s results.
5:15pm Tournament ends. Departure time from FIS may be earlier depending upon how the tournament goes for the Flames.
1:00am (approx.) Arrive back in Kyotanabe. Students will inform parents earlier in the evening once the arrival time is clear. Students who are not picked up by their family or unable to return home Saturday, will return to KIU and stay overnight at KIU. Those students will return home on Sunday morning by train.


9/18-19 HS Girls' Volleyball Midseason Tournament

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The HS girls will travel to Marist Brothers International School for a two-day tournament.

7:30am Leave KIU
7:40am Leave Shintanabe Station
9:00~9:30am Arrive at Marist
10:15am First match; stay overnight at Marist.

Match times will depend upon Friday's results.
4:15pm Tournament finishes; leave Marist
6:00pm Arrive back in Kyotanabe area.


9/19 (Sat) MS Girls Volleyball

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The MS Girls will be traveling to play against Canadian Academy by train to play A and B matches.
7:00am Meet at JR KYOTANABE STATION wicket  (JR 京田辺駅改札口集合)
7:14 am Train leaves Kyotanabe Station
8:50am Arrive at CA 
9:30am CA A vs KIUA A
10:30am CA B vs KIUA  Bench
11:30am CA A vs KIUA A
12:30pm Clean up and leave CA. Return home by train. Arrival time will depend upon whether the students stay on Rokko Island and eat lunch.


9/12 (sat) Volleyball Results

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All 3 volleyball teams were in action on Saturday with varying results.

MS Girls: Won all their matches vs Marist and SOIS. The A team was strong, but was pushed into a 3rd set tiebreaker by SOIS. The Flames were able to finish strong, winning that set 15-6. The girls on the B team played 2 matches, getting valuable game experience and enjoying the opportunity as well as the support of the more experienced players.

HS Boys: 1 win and 2 losses on the day.
Beat EJ King [KIUA 25 - EJK 8, K 25 - E 13, K (JV) 13 - E 15], 

Lost to Nagoya in 3 sets [KIUA 25 - NIS 23, K 14 - N 25, K 14 - N 16], 

Lost to Marist [KIUA 16 - Marist 25, K 10 - M 25, K  (JV/V) 4 - M 15]

HS Girls: 3 losses on the day in some close matches.
Versus EJ King: [K 21 - E 25, K 25 - E 16, K 9 - E 15]

Lost to Nagoya in 3 sets, after winning the first set 25-20.

No scores for match against MC Perry. Perry was very strong, winning 2-0. Perry beat all the teams they played at the festival. 


9/12 (sat) Volleyball matches

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Last weekend, all 3 volleyball teams went out and had reasonable success on their initial day. This week, the HS teams are participating in festivals with numerous teams in all-day events, whereas the MS girls will be playing against Marist and SOIS at Marist in the morning.

Transportation schedule:

MS Girls at Marist and HS Boys Festival at CA (traveling to Kobe together):
6:40am Leave KIUA
6:50am Leave Shintanabe Station
8:05am Drop boys off at CA
8:50am Arrive at Marist
9:00am Boys' first match at CA
9:30am MS Girls' match vs Marist A
10:30am B match vs Marist B
11:30am B match vs SOIS B
12:30pm A match vs SOIS A
1:30pm Leave Marist
2:45pm Leave CA
4:15pm Arrive back in Kyotanabe area

HS Girls' Volleyball Festival at SOIS

8:50am Leave KIUA
9:00am Leave Shintanabe Station
10:00am arrive at SOIS
11:30am first match vs EJKing
4:30pm finish
4:45pm Leave SOIS
6:00pm Arrive back in Kyotanabe area


9/05 (Sat) volleyball club action begins!

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The KIU Academy Flames head into action this Saturday with matches for the HS boys and girls as well as the MS girls. See the schedules below for details on transportation and location.

The HS girls head to Nagoya to take on the Dolphins for both varsity and junior varsity matches. Mr. Blocksom will be driving the team up and back as well as coaching them.
7:40am Leave KIU
7:50am Leave Shintanabe Station
10:30am Arrive at NIS
11:00am start
2:00pm Finish
2:15pm Leave NIS
5:00pm Arrive back in Kyotanabe area

MS girls and HS boys will be in Kobe on Rokko Island at Canadian Academy for matches this Saturday. Ms. Kokoro Harii will be coaching the girls and Mr. Adam King will be leading the boys. Mr. Hutton will be driving the teams to the venue.
8:20am Leave KIU
8:30am Leave Shintanabe Station
9:45am Arrive at CA
10:30am MSG play volleyball in the CA Main Gym
12:15pm HSB team warms up in ELAC gym.
12:30pm MSGVB finish matches; go and buy/eat lunch
1:00pm HSBVB plays in ELAC gym
4:00pm Leave CA
5:30pm Arrive back in Kyotanabe area


2015 FALL SPORTS  2015 秋のスポーツ

We greatly appreciate the support of the KIU Academy families in the sports clubs. Your child's physical development and maturity can be complemented through athletic participation. Permission for your child's participation allows us to transport the students to practices and matches, and, in the case of an injury or emergency, to seek medical attention. This form (Off Campus Activity Parental Permission form) is available on the school website portal or at the office and needs to be submitted before your child can participate in any sport. This form will cover all sports clubs, so it only needs to be filled out once per year. Please be sure that your child's form is submitted before he or she attends sports practices or camps. We appreciate your cooperation in submitting this form before your child joins the practice sessions. Participation fees should also be paid by September 11.

スポーツに参加することは、お子様の身体的、精神的な発達と成長に役立ちます。保護者の皆様には、本校のスポーツクラブに関し、ご理解・ご支援を頂 き、心から感謝しております。さて、本校では、スポーツクラブ参加のための許可書「学外活動に関する保護者の同意承諾書」の提出を年1回お願いしておりま す。この許可書は、練習場・試合会場への生徒の移動に関するもの、または負傷や緊急事態発生時における医療行為に関するものすべてを含みますので、スポー ツクラブやクラブ合宿に参加される前に必ずご提出ください。


(※ 許可書は本校ホームページからダウンロードしていただくことができます。 /default/files/documents/offcampusactivity_permissionfrm.pdf)

This fall, we are offering the following sports clubs for MS & HS students:  今秋、MS&HSでは下記のスポーツクラブが提供されます。

  • HS boys' volleyball (minimum 10 students needed)  HS男子バレーボール (要最低10人)
  • HS girls' volleyball (minimum 10 students needed)  HS女子バレーボール(要最低10人)
  • MS girls' volleyball (minimum 10 students needed)  MS女子バレーボール(要最低10人)
  • MS boys' baseball (minimum 12 students needed)  MS男子野球(要最低12人)

From October:  10月から:

  • MS girls' soccer (minimum 10 students needed)  MS女子サッカー(要最低10人)
  • MS boys’ basketball (minimum 10 students needed)  MS男子バスケットボール(要最低10人)
  • HS boys' basketball (minimum 9 students needed)  HS男子バスケットボール(要最低10人)
  • HS girls' basketball (minimum 9 students needed)  HS女子バスケットボール(要最低10人)

   Practices for HS boys' and HS and MS girls' volleyball started off August 24-28 with a camp at Kyotanabe. The HS and MS teams will begin WJAA play on Saturday, September 5. For more information about the sports clubs, please contact the coaches directly, or contact Gregg Hutton, the athletic director at




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