KIUA Fall Term Update #1

Dear Parents and Students,

We hope that you have been able to enjoy the summer vacation!

The teachers and staff at KIU Academy are looking forward to starting the fall trimester on September 1.

Below you will find updates related to the restart of school. To continue to stay informed, please access your RenWeb (FACTS) account or our KIUA News Site.


  1. KIU Academy is currently planning on resuming classes on campus starting September 1, 2020.
    • If the COVID-19 situation worsens and governmental authorities instruct schools to remain closed, KIUA will switch to online schooling.
    • We ask parents and students to make the necessary preparations in case the fall term has to be switched to online schooling on short notice. Such as:
      • Purchasing a laptop computer (one device per student)
      • Obtaining a reliable internet connection at your home
  2. We have received and will be following the new governmental guidelines related to COVID-19. More details will be provided in later updates or directly to students when they come to school. The new guidelines include things such as:
    • Instructions on keeping data which can be used in finding the "Infection route" should a case occur at school.
    • New guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting of school facilities
    • New guidelines for the use of masks
    • Guidelines for school closures due to infections
  3. Due to the present COVID-19 situation, the MS-HS Camp and the Elementary overnight camp originally planned for the fall term have been cancelled.
  4. The school schedule for the fall term (link here) will be changed slightly in order to:
    • start school a little later than usual (so that students who come by train can better avoid crowded environments)
    • allow for more class time in the schedule

Thank you for your attention and support.

KIU Academy

Important Dual Enrollment Information for KIUA HS to students and parents!

Please take a few minutes to read through this information. It is a great opportunity for families in the KIUA Community.


KIU’s Dual Enrollment Program (DEP): High School students also taking university level courses 

KIUA is the only HS in Japan that has this program



  • Taking university level courses while still in high school
  • High School GPA is positively affected in numerical value
  • Saving time and money for university studies: most of the course credits are transferable to universities in the US and Canada.
  • Potentially receive letter of recommendation by a PhD professor
  • Help students to find an area of interest before declaring a major


Requirements for Dual Enrollment

  • For student grades 11-12/ GPA>3.0
  • Permission given by the Principal
  • Acceptance by KIU-Foundations Program Dean
  • Tuition fee: 6,000 yen per credit (3 credit course = 18,000 yen)


If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Simoes (Principal of KIUA) at your earliest convenience.



If you plan to apply for a seat in the 2021 grade 1 class, please contact the KIUA Admissions Office as soon as possible (preferably by the end of July). We have already started the application process for a number of families. The admissions office will make the final selection of candidates by mid-September.

Applications for other grade levels can also be made at any time. However, those wishing to enter school from fall 2020 should apply by mid-August so that the application can be processed in time for the first day of classes.

If you have any questions regarding admissions, please contact Ms. Yamamoto.

 TEL:0774-64-0804 FAX:0774-64-0805

重要:サマープログラムのスケジュールについて Important: Summer program schedule



Dear parents,

We hope your child is enjoying the KIUA elementary summer program.  As we prepare for the last week, we would like to inform you of a few changes and send a few reminders.  Last week the cardboard house projects were finished, so this week during that time, students will go to play at a gym according to the schedule below.  (Please have your child bring gym shoes on the day they will go to the gym)


イエローグループ7月27日(月) Yellow Group = Monday 7/27

グリーングループ7月28日(火) Green Group = Tuesday 7/28

ブルーグループ7月29日(水) Blue Group = Wednesday 7/29

レッドグループ7月30日(木) Red Group = Thursday 7/30


また、以下が今週のカヌー遊びのスケジュールです(変更はありません)。必要な持ち物をご確認ください。And here is a reminder of the schedule for canoeing and things to bring:


レッドグループ7月27日(月) Red Group = Monday 7/27

イエローグループ7月28日(火) Yellow Group = Tuesday 7/28

グリーングループ7月29日(水) Green Group = Wednesday 7/29

ブルーグループ7月30日(木) Blue Group = Thursday 7/30



(場所: 木津川市山城町にある不動川砂防歴史公園に行く予定です。)



Extra items students may want to bring for canoeing (Place: Fudogawa Sabo Rekishi Koen in Yamashiro-cho, Kizugawa-shi): lunch (Students cannot buy lunch at the convenience store near school on the days they go canoeing.), picnic mat, towel (large), clothing that can get wet, change of clothes, plastic bag for wet clothing, sandals, boots or other shoes which can get wet or dirty, sunscreen, insect repellant, anti-itch cream, goggles or sunglasses (to keep water out of their eyes).  In case of rain, students may go to play sports at the gym instead, so they should bring gym shoes.


*  スペシャルデー


7月29日(水):KIUスピリットデー (お手持ちのKIU TシャツやKIUカラーの青と白を取り入れた服装で登校してください。)

Special Days: Wednesday, July 29: KIU Spirit Day (students are encouraged to wear any KIU clothes they have or to wear blue and white, the KIU colors.)




Water party on the last day of the program (Friday, July 31)

What to bring: towel (large), bathing suit or clothing that can get wet, change of clothes, plastic bag for wet clothing, sandals, squirt gun, goggles or sunglasses (to keep water out of their eyes)



Note: If you do not want your child to go to play at the gym, do canoeing at the lake, or participate in the water party, please contact KIU Academy to let us know.



生徒の皆さんは自宅待機し、Google Classroom をアクセスしてください。

Due to a severe weather warning, KIU Academy is closed today (June 8).

Students should stay home and check their Google Classroom for announcement from their teachers.


Announcement on "Grants for Supplemental Scholarship" from the Japanese government (grades 10-12).


Each municipality has a benefit system for households exempt from resident tax and households on welfare. For those who are eligible, please access the following sites and take the necessary procedures. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Nakai at the KIUA Accounting Office.


<Prefectures handling applications through schools>




<Prefectures where you apply directly>



兵庫県情報が昨年度のもののため、今年度に更新されるのをお待ちください)(Since the information is last year, please wait for it to be updated this year)



Other municipalities have similar systems. Please contact the prefecture in which you live.

 経理 中井 基博
 TEL: 0774-64-0804 FAX: 0774-64-0805

UPDATE: June 19, 2020

Dear Parents,

We hope you are doing well.

It has been great to welcome the student body back to the KIUA campus this week. Thank you very much for your cooperation with the school's Health and Safety Policies and patience with all the inconveniences that this causes. We hope and pray that things may be able to return to normal in the near future.

In the meantime we must continue to be prudent and minimize risks. We are doing our best at school, but we are still concerned about our students riding crowded trains in the morning. Because of this, we have decided to keep the shortened school schedule (starting at 9:40 and ending at 3:20) until the end of the spring trimester.

We are sorry to inform you that we cannot take daily orders (individual orders) of school lunches when the shortened schedule is in effect. However, we are able to take bulk orders for the entire rest of the term (school lunch for every school day until the end of the term). Please contact the school office by 13:00 the day before you want your order to start (if you want to order from Monday, please contact the office on the previous Friday). We apologize for the inconvenience.

As for after school activities, we have decided to provide at least a few days of "Open Gym" for the secondary students. Participation in "Open Gym" will be restricted to students who have parental permission to join. Please click on the links below for more information:

Several other programs are being planned for the summer. Please click on the links below for more information:

2020 KIU Academy Summer Program (Grades 1-6):

  • On Monday, June 15, the link to the application form for the special 2020 KIU Academy Summer Program was sent to all of the KIU Academy gmail accounts for students who are now in grades 1-6. We request that parents please read it and respond by Monday, June 29.
  • As announced in March, we will be having a special three-week summer program (July 13-31 on weekdays from 9:45 to 3:15) this year to make up for the three weeks at the end of the 2019 school year when there were no elementary classes at school due to the coronavirus. All students who were enrolled at KIU Academy in grades 1-5 at the end of the 2019 school year are invited to participate in this program free of charge. 

KIU Academy

JR 運転みあわせ Interruption to JR train lines





Tomorrow (June 19), heavy rain is expected from early morning to noon.

Trains between Kizu Station and Matsui Yamate Station on the JR Gakken Toshi Line are likely to be interrupted.

It is expected that trains might be temporarily canceled or suspended on other routes also.

Please consult the website for your train line before leaving home and use an alternative route to come to school if necessary.

KIU Academy

4・5年生の登下校について For Students in Grade 4 and 5




Dear parents,

Since all of the elementary students will be coming to school every day next week, we would like to ask all fourth and fifth graders who usually ride the bus to walk to and from the station to make room for the first, second, and third graders to ride the buses with social distancing. 

Students should walk with their classmates rather than walking alone. We are teaching all of the fourth and fifth graders the safest route to use to walk to and from school and an explanation with photos is available through this link.


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