10月より新しい業者に配食いただいているスクールランチにつきまして、新年は11日(火)からの営業となるため、新学期初めの1月5日(水)~7日(金)迄の3日間は注文ができません。ご不便をおかけ致しますが、 この期間はお弁当もしくはコンビニエンスストア等で購入したものをご準備いただきますようお願い致します。


Dear students and parents who order school lunches,

In January, our school lunch supplier will reopen on Tuesday, January 11. We are sorry to inform you that it is not possible to order school lunch from Wednesday, January 5th to Friday, January 7th. Please give your child a lunch you have prepared or purchased at a store. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

New Campus Construction Site Tour Information


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for your continued support to KIU Academy and our relocation plan.

As the new campus and its buildings are quickly taking their shape, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come and see the construction site for yourself! There will be a guided tour in the afternoon of Sunday, December 12 where you will be able to walk inside the building and see where your child’s learning will take place after the relocation.

Please refer to the event and sign-up details as written below.

We look forward to seeing you at the site.

Tour Information

  • Date: Sunday, December 12, 2021
  • Start Time: 2:30 PM
  • Length: 20 - 30 minutes
  • Location: 63-1 Yuden Tanabe, Kyotanabe, Kyoto 610-0331 (Google Map link)

Tour Leaders:

  • Paul Blocksom, Building Project Manager
  • Harold Simoes, Principal

Meeting Place: New KIU Building

How to Sign Up

Sign up via the following Google Form by noon of Friday, December 10, 2021.

Sign-Up Google Form

*First-come-first-served basis

*We are not taking child participants at this time due to safety concerns.
Thank you for your understanding.


  • Please check your temperature in the morning of the day of the tour. Please refrain from joining the tour if you have a fever and/or other flu-like symptoms.
  • As the construction is not complete, it will likely be dusty and/or muddy at the site. Please dress accordingly.
  • You will be asked to wear a mask and a helmet at all times at the site. (We will provide the helmet.)
  • Every tour participant will be automatically under a recreation insurance policy. KIU Academy will pay the insurance cost.


The midterm break this fall will be from November 1 to 5. In conjunction with the National Holiday on November 3, students will have one full week of rest. There will be no classes during the midterm break. 

Classes will resume as usual from November 8.

KIU Academy

Elementary Events

Dear elementary parents,

We would like to inform you about several upcoming events, etc.

New date for elementary sports day = Wednesday, October 27

We have set the new date for elementary sports day for Wednesday, October 27 from 1:00 at the Tanabe Park Multipurpose Sports Plaza (Tanabe kōen tamokuteki undō hiroba) for students only. We plan to take the students to the ground for practice on Monday (10/25) and Tuesday (10/26). We are sorry parents will not be able to attend again this year, but we will take a video of this event for those who are interested to view later on YouTube. The dates may be changed if the weather is not good. 

Elementary Spelling Bee

During the week of October 11-15, all of the elementary students will participate in spelling bees in their English classes. The winners from the class bees will participate in the KIUA Elementary Spelling Bee on Thursday, October 28.  We will take a video of this event for those who are interested to view later on YouTube.

Steve Rohrer 

KIU Academy Vice Principal


The MS-HS Sports Day will be taking place this Saturday, October 16, with October 18 being a substitute holiday for MS-HS (no classes).

Only students are allowed to attend. We will make video recordings of the event that the parents will be able to view later.

All students must bring their Health Check Form filled out for that morning and show it to the teacher who is supervising their team.

Students who have a fever the morning of Sports Day must stay at home. If students develop a fever while at Sports Day they will have to return home.

If your child needs to be absent, please call the school office between 8:00 - 9:00 AM  ( 0774 - 64 - 0804 )

For more details, please see the Sports Day Information Booklet*.

* Please note that the MS-HS Sports Day is a student-led event. The information booklet has been put together by students as part of their training for college, career and citizenship. Thank you for your appreciation and support.


The MS Sports Day events will be in the morning only.

MS students should arrive at school at 8:30 and will return to KIUA at 12:40 (parents can pick them up at school).

We ask MS parents to refrain from dropping and picking up their children directly at the gym.

Students need to take their temperature at home on Saturday morning and bring their health check form to school to be signed by their team supervising teacher.

Students also need to bring:

  • Gym shoes
  • A water bottle (Tea, water and sports drinks are allowed in the gym, but not coffee or soda)
  • Gloves for tug of war
  • Face mask


The HS Sports Day events will be in the afternoon

HS students should arrive at school at 12:30 and will return to KIUA at 5:20 (parents can pick them up at school).

Please make sure to eat lunch before arriving at school.

We ask HS parents to refrain from dropping and picking up their children directly at the gym.

Students need to take their temperature at home on Saturday morning and bring their health check form to school to be signed by their team supervising teacher

Students also need to bring:

  • Gym shoes 
  • A water bottle (Tea, water and sports drinks are allowed in the gym, but not coffee or soda)
  • Gloves for tug of war
  • Face mask

Change of school lunch supplier

Dear parents,

Thank you for all your support for KIU Academy.

A sudden development has occurred with our usual school lunch supplier, “Jonan Kyushoku Center.” We received a notice from them that they have stopped their operations due to the closing down of their company.

In line with this, a new contract with “Gochiben” for school lunch deliveries will commence as of October 18th 2021. The price of “Gochiben” daily lunches are below.

Please note that A and B lunchboxes have the same menu, only the quantity changes.

* Smaller size (mainly for elementary students): A-LUNCH 400 yen

* Regular size: B-LUNCH 500 yen

(You can upgrade your order to include extra rice for free if you request it at least one day in advance. For same-day orders the extra rice costs an additional 50 yen)

About “Gochiben”:  https://www.gochiben.com/about-service/

Menu of the Month : https://www.gochiben.com/menu-of-the-month/

If you wish to order a school lunch, please make your request by 4:00 p.m. the day before. If you have no choice but to order on the day, please be sure to apply by phone by 8:50 a.m. The rice is served as mixed grains, but if you prefer white rice, please tell us you need to change to white rice.

If you have any questions or would like to place orders, please contact the school reception. (07744-64-0804).

Thank you.

KIU Academy Office

Clarification regarding holidays

Dear Parents and Students,

We would like to remind you that October 11 (Monday) is a regular school day.

You might have an older, printed calendar which shows this date as スポーツの日 (Sports Day). This is a national holiday usually held annually on the second Monday in October to commemorate the opening of the 1964 Summer Olympics.

However, as a special arrangement for the 2020 Summer Olympics, this holiday was moved to July 23, 2021 (coinciding with the opening of the postponed Olympics). Therefore October 11 is not a national holiday this year.

Note that this is unrelated to KIUA Sports Day events.
The MS-HS Sports Day will be held on October 16, with October 18 being a substitute holiday for MS-HS (no classes).

KIU Academy

Regarding the end of State of Emergency

Dear Parents and Students,

We are thankful that with your support and cooperation we have been able to keep the COVID-19 virus from spreading in the KIUA community.

Now that the State of Emergency is about to be lifted, we would like to return school operations to normal from Monday, Oct. 4, while also continuing to take precautionary measures to avoid infections.

You will find the updated information below. Please read it carefully.

We ask for your continued cooperation.

Haroldo Simoes

KIUA Principal

1 - School Schedule

We have decided to return to the standard KIUA schedule starting from Monday, Oct. 4. This is the schedule which displays in students’ and parents’ FACTS / Renweb accounts.

The school gate will open at 8:20. Homeroom will start at 8:45 (8:40 for high school). 

Elementary students will be allowed to play outside in the morning (before homeroom). They can also play after school from 3:15 to 3:45. Elementary students will be sent home at 3:45.

Middle and High school students will not be allowed to use the playground in the morning (before homeroom). But they will have the space available to them after school (4:00 to 4:45 for MS and 4:45 to 5:30 for HS). MS students will be dismissed at 4:45 and HS students at 5:30 every day except for Wednesdays (all MS and HS students dismissed at 4:00).

2 - Health Monitoring 

Please continue to monitor your child’s health condition and fill in the Health Check-up Sheet for October. 

LINK → Health Check-up Sheet for October (Japanese AND English)


A) Cases in which coming to school is prohibited:

  • Infected person
  • Person who has had close contact with an infected person
  • Person who has cold-like symptoms such as fever, sneezing, coughing, etc. (Keep your child at home for at least one day after the fever goes down.)
  • Person with cohabiting family member exhibiting cold-like symptoms such as fever

B) Not coming to school is allowed in case the parents do not want their children to go to school due to concerns about infection which the school principal deems acceptable, such as under the following circumstances:

  • The student requires constant medical care or has a significant medical problem.
  • The student lives in an area where the number of infections with unknown transmission is increasing rapidly.
  • The family living with the student includes a person with a pre-existing condition, elderly, etc.

Plese contact the homeroom teacher if you plan to keep your child at home. Note that while classes are being conducted on campus, we are not able to provide online classes for those who stay home. The homeroom teacher will collect class assignments for students who are absent and give them to the parents. Please make the necessary arrangements with the homeroom teacher.

C) Regarding masks:

  • non-woven masks are the most effective in preventing infection, followed by cloth masks, and then urethane masks. Please have your children use high-quality masks, preferably non-woven ones, and make sure they fit properly.

3 - Precautionary Measures at School

We will continue to follow the recommendations issued by the Japanese government (Ministry of Education). 

LINK → KIUA COVID-19 Health and Safety Policies (Fall 2021 Update)

4 - Clubs and Special Events:

Regular sports club practices will resume. Participation is voluntary. Because of the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic and the State of Emergency, our sports league (WJAA) has cancelled all matches. 

For the time being all overnight school trips will be cancelled. Other field trips and events will be considered if the pandemic situation continues to improve.

Middle and High School Sports Day will be taking place on October 16 (Saturday). October 18 will be a substitute holiday for MS-HS. Only students will be allowed to attend Sports Day. Middle school events will be held in the morning and high school events in the afternoon. More details will be announced to students and parents next week.

Elementary sports day will not be held on Saturday, October 2, and Monday, October 4 will be a regular school day. A decision regarding rescheduling Elementary Sports Day has not yet been made.

We are planning to have Parent-Teacher Conferences in person at school for parents who are comfortable coming. The homeroom teachers will distribute appointment letters to students during homeroom. Please ask your children about it and have them return the letter by October 8 (Friday). Please note that MS-HS will have conferences October 19-22, and Elementary will have conferences October 18-22. Please take your temperature at home beforehand and wear a mask when you come to school. If you have a fever or other cold-like symptoms on the day of your visit, please refrain from coming to school and call the school office as soon as possible. (0774-64-0804)

5 - (REMINDER) Response to infection and avoidance of discrimination, etc.

Whatever measures to prevent infection are taken, it is impossible to reduce the risk of infection to zero. KIU Academy will make sure that prompt and proper action can be taken in case someone is infected.

The school community must be careful not to cause discrimination, prejudice, bullying and defamation against a person who is infected or who has had close contact with an infected person, or against a person who has not been vaccinated. We ask parents to be mindful of people’s right to privacy and instruct their children to be careful and avoid making assumptions, careless talk, rumors and gossip.

6 - (REMINDER) Preparing for school closures and online classes

KIU Academy will stop classes on campus and will switch to online classes if the government authorities order school closures, or if a case of infection occurs at school.

Parents must make sure that their children are ready for a sudden switch to online classes. In order to join online classes students will need a device that is able to connect to the internet and has the necessary hardware to handle conference calls. The software will be provided by the school (G-suite online). We also recommend that you have a printer available at home. For more information, see the link below:

LINK → Recommended Hardware Requirements for PCs or Laptops for KIUA School Work

7 - (REMINDER) Other information and useful links:

Elementary Dress Up Day

Dear elementary parents,

Although we are not able to have our usual fall events and outings due to the continuing pandemic, we would like to have some “dress up days” for fun in the elementary school.

We will start on Friday, October 1 with “animal day.” All students are encouraged (but not required) to wear a shirt or hat with animal pictures on it or some kind of animal costume. They may want to draw an animal face on the mask they wear that day.

Here are some of the guidelines we will expect all students to follow:

1. Students may only wear what they bring.  They should not share or trade with others at school.

2. During classes, students must remove hats or masks that cover their eyes or anything else distracting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Steve Rohrer

KIU Academy


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