Fall Term Start: Announcements

Dear Parents and Students,

We hope that you and your family have enjoyed the summer holidays. The KIU Academy teachers and staff look forward to the start of a new school term.

We ask that you carefully read the information in this letter so that we can prevent infections in our school community.

Haroldo Simoes

KIUA Principal


1 - School Schedule

While a State of Emergency is in force, we will use the shortened schedule. The school gate will open at 9:20. Homeroom will start at 9:40 (9:35 for high school). Elementary students will be sent home at 15:08 (grades 1-2) and 15:15 (grades 3-5), and all other grades will leave school at 15:35.

LINK → 2021_2 - Fall Term SHORTENED School Schedule 

When the State of Emergency is lifted we will issue a new schedule.

2 - Health Monitoring 

Please continue to monitor your child’s health condition and fill in the Health Check-up Sheet for August and September. Students should start filling in the form from August 18th and bring the completed form every day starting from the first day of school (September 1, 2021).

LINKS    Health Check-up Sheet for August           Health Check-up Sheet for September


A) Cases in which coming to school is prohibited:

  • Infected person
  • Person who has had close contact with an infected person
  • Person who has cold-like symptoms such as fever, sneezing, coughing, etc. (Keep your child at home for at least one day after the fever goes down.)
  • Person with cohabiting family member exhibiting cold-like symptoms such as fever

B) Not coming to school is allowed in case the parents do not want their children to go to school due to concerns about infection which the school principal deems acceptable, such as under the following circumstances:

  • The student requires constant medical care or has a significant medical problem.
  • The student lives in an area where the number of infections with unknown transmission is increasing rapidly.
  • The family living with the student includes a person with a pre-existing condition, elderly, etc.

Please contact the homeroom teacher if you plan to keep your child at home. Note that while classes are being conducted on campus, we are not able to provide online classes for those who stay home. The homeroom teacher will collect class assignments for students who are absent and give them to the parents. Please make the necessary arrangements with the homeroom teacher.

3 - Precautionary Measures at School

We will continue to follow the recommendations issued by the Japanese government (Ministry of Education). 
LINK → KIUA COVID-19 Health and Safety Policies (Fall 2021 Update)

4 - Response to infection and avoidance of discrimination, etc.

Whatever measures to prevent infection are taken, it is impossible to reduce the risk of infection to zero. KIU Academy will make sure that prompt and proper action can be taken in case someone is infected.

The school community must be careful not to cause discrimination, prejudice, bullying and defamation against a person who is infected or who has had close contact with an infected person, or against a person who has not been vaccinated.

We ask parents to be mindful of people’s right to privacy and instruct their children to be careful and avoid making assumptions, careless talk, rumors and gossip.

5 - Preparing for school closures and online classes

KIU Academy will stop classes on campus and will switch to online classes if the government authorities order school closures, or if a case of infection occurs at school.

Parents must make sure that their children are ready for a sudden switch to online classes. In order to join online classes students will need a device that is able to connect to the internet and has the necessary hardware to handle conference calls. The software will be provided by the school (G-suite online). We also recommend that you have a printer available at home. For more information, see the link below:

LINK → Recommended Hardware Requirements for PCs or Laptops for KIUA School Work

6 - Clubs and Special Events:

Because of the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic and the State of Emergency, our sports league (WJAA) has cancelled all matches. The local gym that we borrow for practices is also closed due to the State of Emergency. Therefore sports practices will not be held for the time being.

School trips and other events are also on hold for the moment. We hope that the State of Emergency will be lifted so that we can reschedule them.

7 - Other information and useful links: