February Updates

Dear parents and students,


As you know, the State of Emergency in Kyoto has been extended until March 7th, 2021.

Therefore KIUA will continue using the most recent, shortened schedule (40 minutes classes).

If the State of Emergency is lifted prior to March 7th, we plan on reverting back to the previous schedule (the one we used at the start of the term).
The precise day of the switch of schedules (if any) will be announced in advance.


At school we are also trying to be especially careful to avoid activities which may increase the possibility of spreading viruses.

With Valentine's Day soon approaching, please note the following guidelines for the holiday:

  • In ELEMENTARY school, all forms of valentine's day exchanges are not allowed this year.
  • In SECONDARY school, only gifts that were purchased commercially are allowed (no home-made Valentine's Day gifts). Items should be in their original packaging.


At home, we ask you follow Kyoto Prefecture's request (based on the Special Measures Law) and instruct your children to refrain from going out unless absolutely necessary or urgent, especially after 8 PM.


Haroldo Simoes

KIUA Principal