Response to the Declaration of a State of Emergency

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for your continued support of KIU Academy.

The recent declaration of a state of emergency that was issued on January 13th includes 11 prefectures and Kyoto is among them. This time the declaration does not require school closures, but in keeping with governmental recommendations we will take the following measures:

  1. Classes will be shortened by 5 minutes so that the school day can start later and our students can avoid crowded trains in the morning. Campus will be open from 9:20 and homeroom will start at 9:35 for high school students and 9:40 for middle school and elementary students.
  2. Middle and high school sport clubs will continue to have practice sessions but will not be having games with students from other schools. All club events will be limited to 2 hours in length.
  3. Play time after school (on campus) will be suspended so that students can return home early.

These measures will be in place from Tuesday, January 19 to Sunday, February 7.

They may be changed or the period extended depending on circumstances.

Please click below to view the school schedule for period of the state of emergency:


We would like to remind you that it is extremely important to continue to monitor your child’s health condition, and make sure that they do not come to school if they show flu-like symptoms. In addition to this, please also keep your child at home if they have been in close contact with anyone showing flu-like symptoms. Please also keep your child at home if your child or any family member that your child lives with took the PCR test and is still waiting for the result (do not send your child to school until a negative result is confirmed).

With the number of cases increasing in this area, it is more and more likely for all of us to come into “close contact” with infected people. If your child is in close contact with someone who has tested positive, please (1) consult the local health authorities (“Hokenjo” of your area)  and (2) contact the school immediately. KIUA students who were in close contact with someone infected, in accordance with instructions given by local health authorities, stop attending school immediately and must stay home for two weeks (counting from the last day of contact with the infected person).

Any diagnosis of COVID-19 in your child or any family member that your child lives with should be communicated to the school immediately. Please call the school office at 0774-64-0804. If outside office hours, please email

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and ask for your continued support and cooperation.

Thank you,

Haroldo Simoes

KIUA Principal