College Guidance Presentations

Dear Parents and Students,


In the Fall term KIU-FP usually holds a Guidance Cafe and a Guidance week for KIUA High School students.

However we cannot have them this year due to coronavirus protocols. 


We are planning to give brief presentations for KIUA High School students during their homeroom time starting next week.

We also plan to have an Alumni Webinar on October 24 (Saturday) 2020.


Following is the detailed College Guidance plans:

(1).  'Credit Transfer' presentation by Mr. Blocksom

        Day  : October 5 (Monday) for G10 

                  October 7 (Wednesday) for G11

                  October 9 (Friday) for G12

        Time : Homeroom time

        Place : C201

(2). 'KIU Foundations Program' presentation by Dr. Ardi

        Day  : October 12 (Monday) for G10 

                  October 14 (Wednesday) for G11

                  October 16 (Friday) for G12

        Time : Homeroom time

        Place : C201

(3). Webinar with Alumni

      Event description: Panel discussion by those who are planning to study abroad, are studying abroad and have studied abroad

      Day : October 24 (Saturday)

      Time : 10:00 - 11:00 

      Language : Japanese

      Moderator: Mr. Minami

      Here is the Webinar registration form


If you have any questions, please contact the people in charge (Dr. Ardi, Mr. Blocksom, Mr. Minami)


Thank you for your attention and cooperation.


KIU Academy