Dear Parents and Students,

We hope that your summer has been enjoyable.

Below are the most recent updates related to the restart of school. Please read the Fall updates #1 also.

To continue to stay informed throughout the fall trimester, please periodically access your RenWeb (FACTS) account or our KIUA News Site.


  1. Due to continuing concerns related to coronavirus, KIUA will continue using the Health and Safety Policies and Forms. Please check the updated versions below:
  2. In the coming days we will make changes to the special events usually scheduled for the fall term. These events will be placed in the KIUA online calendar.
  3. General announcements:
    • SCHOOL UNIFORM: KIU Academy has an OPTIONAL school uniform that you can purchase online if you want to. For more details, please see the links below.
      • School lunch orders will resume from this term. Please order by 8:50 AM if ordering for delivery on the same day.
      • If your child will not arrive at school in time to order by 8:50, we ask parents to phone the school office instead.

FALL UPDATES #1 (re-posted)

  1. KIU Academy is currently planning on resuming classes on campus starting September 1, 2020.
    • If the COVID-19 situation worsens and governmental authorities instruct schools to remain closed, KIUA will switch to online schooling.
    • We ask parents and students to make the necessary preparations in case the fall term has to be switched to online schooling on short notice. Such as:
      • Purchasing a laptop computer (one device per student)
      • Obtaining a reliable internet connection at your home
  2. We have received and will be following the new governmental guidelines related to COVID-19. More details will be provided in later updates or directly to students when they come to school. The new guidelines include things such as:
    • Instructions on keeping data which can be used in finding the "Infection route" should a case occur at school.
    • New guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting of school facilities
    • New guidelines for the use of masks
    • Guidelines for school closures due to infections
  3. Due to the present COVID-19 situation, the MS-HS Camp and the Elementary overnight camp originally planned for the fall term have been cancelled.
  4. The school schedule for the fall term (link here) will be changed slightly in order to:
    • start school a little later than usual (so that students who come by train can better avoid crowded environments)
    • allow for more class time in the schedule

Thank you for your attention and support.

KIU Academy