Update about Live Classes on Google Meets

Dear KIUA parents and students,

It has come to our attention that KIUA teachers are using a variety of methods to set up and announce live classes on Google Meet, which sometimes causes confusion. So we are now asking all teachers to schedule Google Meets as assignments for their classes in Google Classroom using the Google Meet link which is on their class banner. This means you will hear about the Meet in the following ways: 

1. Students will receive an email in their account informing them of the assignment/Meet
2. The Meet will show up in the "Upcoming" section on the left side of the classroom Stream page and on the classroom banner for that class
3. The Meet will also show up in the student's Google Calendar at the time when the Meet is scheduled

Some changes to be careful of because of the change to this method:

1. The Meet will NOT show up on the student’s Meet home screen
2. Students will not be able to enter the Meet until the teacher is there, so please do not give up if there is a message saying the student cannot enter

We hope this will lead to a smoother online experience for students and parents.
Note: Some teachers who have already set up Meets with small groups or individual students will continue using the method of announcing they have already established.