UPDATE: May 13, 2020

Dear Parents,

We pray that you and your family are doing well.

First we would like to make an announcement from the accounting office:

About the "Kyoto Prefecture Scholarship Benefit
There is an early benefit application system for parents of households on welfare and households exempt from resident tax per income with students in the 10th grade. If you would like to apply, please contact Mr. Nakai (Accounting).



We would also like to give you an update on the present situation for our school.

We currently plan to continue online schooling until at least May 31st. This is primarily because the Kyoto prefectural government requested schools to stay shut until that date.

The national government, however, has indicated that they might lift the state of emergency for Kyoto and other areas as early as May 15th.

Because of this, Kyoto prefecture might change their stance and choose to reopen schools earlier than May 31st. 

But due to the fact that many KIUA students live in Osaka, a change in Kyoto prefecture's stance does not mean that we will automatically follow what Kyoto public schools do. The situation in Osaka still needs to be monitored and it will influence our future decisions.

We are preparing a Parents Survey to be sent out next week in order to gather feedback on how the online classes are going and how parents feel about the future reopening of the school.


Thank you for your patience and support during this process.

We will continue to provide updates as decisions are made.


KIU Academy