Possible COVID-19 case

Dear KIUA Families,

It has come to the school's attention that a high school student might be infected with COVID-19.

Please note that this is NOT a confirmed fact.

We contacted the student this afternoon and spoke with the student and the parents.

Although the student presented mild symptoms (cough, sputum, etc.) for the last 3 days, the body temperature has been normal.

The parents have agreed that the proper authorities should be contacted tomorrow (April 15) so that, if appropriate, an official test can be taken.

At this time it is not certain that the authorities will allow a test because the symptoms are mild, but the parents said they will request the test.

For the time being, all students should take special care to:

  • Monitor their symptoms (use the Health Checkup Sheet school created)
  • Avoid non-urgent or unnecessary outings
  • Avoid making "public announcements" on social media without medical evidence. It can lead to unnecessary anxiety.

As before, please be reminded that "Consultation Days" are cancelled for all students (elementary, middle and high school). 

Given the present situation, KIUA faculty and staff will be working primarily from home. 

For more updates, please continue to check the KIU Academy News site or the announcements on FACTS (RenWeb).

Thank you,

KIU Academy