Update for ELEMENTARY parents

Dear parents,
We pray you and your families are all well.
It seems that not everyone has a clear understanding about our plans for elementary school on Friday, April 10. From 8:45-11:15 (bus pick up at JR Kyotanabe at 8:25 and at Kintetsu Shintanabe at 8:30; bus back to the stations leaving at 11:20), elementary students who are able to come safely will go to each of their new classes for ten minutes, meet their teachers, and receive textbooks and assignments.  We are trying to limit the number of people in the buildings and classrooms, so we ask parents not to enter the buildings on Friday.  If you do not feel comfortable sending your children to school, please feel free to keep them at home. You may pick up your child’s textbooks and study materials Friday afternoon or you can contact your child’s homeroom teacher to discuss how and when to receive them.
If you have not yet logged in to the new KIUA Google account we have prepared for you, we encourage you to do so using the information sent home with last term’s report cards. For parents who would like training in how to help their children use the Google online learning tools, we are planning seminars for parents next week.  Details about these seminars will be distributed soon.
Thank you for your support and cooperation,
Steve Rohrer
KIU Academy Vice Principal