UPDATE: April 6, 2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you for the many survey responses we received. They have been of great value in our preparations.

These are the main updates for today. More detailed information will be posted later today and tomorrow:

  • Orientation for NEW students only is still planned to take place on April 8. We will, however, change the content (it will focus on explanations related to online learning for NEW parents and students). We will also split the groups into two. Elementary in the basement and Secondary in the C2F lecture hall. New parents and students should monitor their temperature daily (starting today) and should not attend orientation if their temperature is at or above 37.5 C any day between now and April 8.
  • School will NOT start on April 9. We will have teacher training and preparation instead.
  • On Friday, April 10, we plan to have students come to school to return last year's textbooks and pick up new textbooks. This will not be compulsory, and we will set a special schedule in order to avoid large crowds at the same place at the same time. For those who cannot come we will provide textbooks by other means (such as online).
  • Online learning will start April 13 (Monday).
  • Student Schedules can be viewed now on FACTS Family Portal (RenWeb). To request changes, please contact the homeroom teacher or Mr. Rohrer by email. This is for returning students only. New students will get their schedules at orientation.
  • Regarding laptops for online learning, we recommend it for MS and HS students in particular because they can be used at school when things return to normal. Elementary parents may want to consider other alternatives, but please make sure that the device is able to access the internet, has an internet browser and is convenient for typing.
  • For students in high-level computer classes, Mr. Quintana is putting together recommended specs (if you choose to purchase a computer). It will be made available when we post the School Supply List.

Note that the prime minister is expected to declare a "state of emergency" tomorrow. Our plans may have to be changed to accommodate Kyoto prefecture's and Kyotanabe city's response to the emergency.

Thank you for your continued support of the school.
KIU Academy