(UPDATED) School Closed From MONDAY (3/2)

Dear Parents,

 KIU Academy is following the directives from the Japanese government. Therefore school will be closed from March 2 (Monday) until the spring break. The exact date for the end of the school closure at KIUA is not defined yet. We will announce it when it is decided.

 For Elementary students, the academic year will be concluded today (February 28). Students will be issued final grades based on the work submitted up to this point. Next week we will also mail you a package with study materials for your children to use at home. We hope that this will help them retain the knowledge they gained this year and be prepared to return to school next April.

 For Middle and High School students, assignments will be made available online (on FACTS Family Portal and through email, etc.) so that they can complete the essential content for this term. This means that your child will need access to the internet and a computer or tablet. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

 During this period of school closure, students are NOT ALLOWED on campus under any circumstances. All communication with teachers is to be done via the online resources we make available, or by standard mail. Middle and High school students should spend school hours at home doing school work. All students should avoid unnecessary outings, public transportation and crowded areas.

 We ask parents to avoid calling the school phones because we will be operating with reduced staff.  Information for parents will continue to be posted on FACTS Family Portal and on the “News and Communication Portal” section of the school website ( kiua.kyotoiu.ac.jp ). If you have questions that are not addressed in the announcements, please email the school at kiu@kyotoiu.ac.jp

 A final decision regarding the Graduation ceremony for High School seniors will be made in the next two weeks. We will keep monitoring the COVID-19 situation before reaching a decision. If a ceremony is held, it will probably be held with the minimum number of people possible (as per governmental recommendation).

 KIUA will continue accepting applications for admissions, but for the time being all inquiries will be handled by phone and document reviews. Visitors to campus will be kept to a minimum.


Thank you for your understanding and support,

KIUA Administration