Flames in Action

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This coming weekend, May 11-12, will be a busy one for the Flames.  

The HS boys baseball team will host the Marist Bulldogs from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm in Joyo.  The field is located at 城陽市市民体育館, Japan, 〒610-0121 京都府城陽市寺田奥山.  

The MS boys volleyball team will travel to Osaka to participate in the WJAA Volleyball Championship Tournament.  This will be an exciting tournament for both the A and B teams as they look to cap an exciting season with victories.  The tournament schedule can be found through this link: 


The MS Girls softball team will finally get a chance to play a game as they travel to Canadian Academy to participate in the WJAA Softball Championship Tournament.  This will be the first time they will play this season so the girls are hoping to do well and most importantly have fun.  Their schedule can be found this link: 


Travel times for these events can be found on the sports calendar.