Weekend sports wrap-up

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With the Golden Week holiday, the Flames were not in action this past weekend.  However, they were in action Saturday, April 28.  

The MS boys volleyball team traveled to Osaka where they played the Osaka Sabres and the Nagoya Dolphins.  The A team continued to perform well in the early match, defeating the Sabres 2 sets to 1.  In their second match, they had some trouble with the Dolphins and lost 2 sets to 1.  The B team continued their strong season defeating the Sabres 2 sets to 1 and the Dolphins 2 sets to 1.  

The HS boys baseball traveled to Canadian Academy to face the Marist Brothers Bulldogs and the Osaka Sabres in a 3-way baseball festival.  It was a rough day for the Flames as they lost their first game to the Sabres 18 to 0.  In their second game, the Flames were able to score but it wasn't enough.  The Bulldogs came away with a 15-2 victory.