2/18(sat) HS boys' soccer home match

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The HS boys' soccer team will host the Tsushima Titans in a friendly practice match this Saturday night. The match will be held at 八幡市民スポーツ公園 (Yawata City Sports Park) ground behind the gym. Plenty of parking is available. Parents and others are encouraged to come out and support the team! As it is an evening match, please dress warmly.

Team Travel Schedule
4:20pm Leave KIUA
4:30pm Leave Shintanabe Station
5:00pm Arrive at Yawata gym; prepare field
5:45pm Warm-ups
6:30pm Match begins
8:00pm Finish; clean-up
8:30pm Leave and return to Kyotanabe area
8:50pm Drop-off students at Shintanabe Station