2/18(sat) MS teams at SOIS

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Both MS teams will be in action at Senri-Osaka International School (SOIS) this Saturday. The MS Boys' soccer club will participate in an all-day futsal (5-a-side) event out on the all-purpose field. The girls will play in the gym against the Sabers and the NIS Dolphins. Travel to the events will be separate, but the teams will return together. Parents and others are welcome to come to support the student-athletes. Parking is available, but may be limited. For more information on the boys' futsal event, go to: http://sabers.senri.ed.jp/ms-futsal.html

7:05 am Leave KIUA 
7:15 am Leave Shintanabe 
8:00 am Arrive at SOIS 
8:45 am First match

10:50 am leave KIUA
11:00 am leave Shintanabe 
12:00 pm arrive SOIS
12:45 pm vs SOIS
14:45 pm vs NIS
Leave when MS Boys futsal finishes