1/28(sat) HS boys' soccer kick-off

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Saturday, the boys will head back to Marist, the site of their basketball championship. This time, they'll be outside on Marist's turf field, playing futsal. This provides the guys with the opportunity to transition into soccer with plenty of action on the pitch in the 5-a-side competition. The team will be coached by Mr. Tony Barrera this year. There are home games scheduled for 2/27 and 3/4.  More information will be available on the portal as those dates draw nearer. The season-ending tournament will be held in Nagoya on 3/10 and 11.

11:15am Leave KIU
11:20am Leave Shintanabe Station
1:00pm Arrive at Marist; change and warm up
1:30pm First match
4:00pm? Leave Marist
5:45pm? Arrive back in Kyotanabe area