weekend wrap-up

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The MS Girls' Softball team won their first game ever last Saturday! They came out on top against the Marist B team, winning 10-5. This was the highlight of a long day with lots of good softball practice. The girls did very well overall, improving and gaining valuable experience through playing 4 games. Since we only had 10 girls, everyone got to play--all the time! 

The first game was an eye-opener for the girls as they played one of the best teams in the international school league. The Marist girls' A team was aggressive in hitting and very competent in their fielding. Being just the second weekend of play, the girls had not seen how well softball could be played until they faced the Bulldogs. The shock gradually wore off and the Flames were able to make some plays to get the Marist girls out. The score was quite lopsided, but when the dust settled, the Flames had gotten some hits and scored some runs, bowing to the Mighty Marist A team 20-3.

The second game was a different story. The Flames hit the ball better, made good plays and started out on top and led the whole way. The team celebrated their first win and were upbeat as they climbed into the van to head to SOIS.

At SOIS, the warm afternoon sun began to wear on the girls, but they persevered and play both the A and B teams. While they lost both games, there were good hits and good lessons learned which should provide the team with a good basis for the last weekend of games and for the tournament.

The HS Boys' baseball team and the MS Boys' volleyball team both played against the Sabers. The MS boys--both A and B teams--began slowly, but improved through each set. The HS boys game in Minoh was a pitching duel for most of the game. Joshua Hutton pitched well, but the Sabers were able to scrape together some hits and take advantage of errors to score runs. The Flames faced a tough pitcher and were not able to make any run-scoring hits. The final score was 6-0 in favor of the Sabers.