KIUA Sports Wrap up

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This past Saturday, the MS girls and boys traveled up to Nagoya International School. This was the girls' first outing on the softball field, and they did well! The girls got some great game experience and enjoyed the competition. There were good hits and plays that made for celebrations. The A-squad game finished with the Dolphins on top 4-3, but it was exciting that the Flames hit and ran well to score 3 runs! The B-squad game saw the Flames take the lead and things go back and forth over several innings. The Dolphins had a big inning and went up 12-6, but the Flames came charging back, closing the gap to just 2 runs. While the Flames held the Dolphins scoreless in their last frame, the Flames were not able to capitalize and the game ended 12-10. All in all, it was a great day and everyone went home happy and excited to play again.

The MS Boys are improving and they did well enough to beat the Dolphins in the A-squad match. The B-squad did not win, but they did get some good court time and experience.

The HS boys had a rough outing against the Sons of the Light, losing to them. Coach Harii and the Flames hope to bounce back and play well against the SOIS Sabers next Saturday.