10/2-3 MS Girls' Volleyball Tournament in Kobe

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The MS Girls' Volleyball team will be participating in the WJAA tournament at Marist Brothers International School on Friday and Saturday. Parents and others are welcome to go to Marist and support the team. Mr. Blocksom will be driving the team down to Marist and helping Coach Kokoro Harii throughout the tournament. Students should bring uniform, court shoes, sleeping bag and other overnight gear, along with money for meals and snacks for the weekend. 

7:10am Leave KIU
7:20am Leave Shintanabe Station
9:00am arrive at Marist
10:00am first match vs SOIS

Stay overnight at Marist. Ms. Harii will be staying with the team along with Mr. Blocksom.

3:20pm Tournament ends.
5:00pm Arrive back in Kyotanabe area.