Spelling Bee 2021


On October 28, KIU Academy held its annual elementary Spelling Bee. Participants were the two top spellers from each elementary English class.  The winner of this year’s bee was second grader Sari. The spelling bee lasted for sixteen rounds, and Sari won by spelling the words “oracle” and “stratagems,” which are considered seventh grade spelling words. Congratulations, Sari!


Dear Parents,

Application period for Year 2022-23 has started on July 1 (Thu.).
This year, there will be two application periods for those who are applying for a seat in the first grade.

Period 1: July 1 - July 31
Period 2: October 1 - November 30

※We strongly recommend that you apply to Period 1 as much as possible

Applications for other grade levels can also be made at any time.

卒業生の播井こころさんの活躍が「京都橘大学 by AERA」に掲載されました。KIUA Alumni Kokoro Harii's story was covered in "京都橘大学(Kyoto Tachibana University) by AERA."

English below

卒業生の播井こころさんの活躍が「京都橘大学 by AERA」に掲載されました。





KIUA Alumni Kokoro Harii's story was covered in "京都橘大学(Kyoto Tachibana University) by AERA."

(Click hear to download the article.)

Kokoro graduated KIU Academy in 2015 and is now studying at Kyoto Tachibana University to become a nurse. She says joining two of the KIUA-hosted Phillipines service trips inspired her to pursue her dream of nursing. She is considering careers in the fields of emergency life-saving and international cooperation, as well as getting a nursing license abroad for her life after college. Keep up the good work, Kokoro! 

Guidance Café - November 22, Wed / ガイダンス・カフェ 11⽉22⽇(⽔)

English below
11⽉22⽇(⽔)中⾼⽣と保護者のためのガイダンス・カフェを⾏います。(17:00開場 17:30開演19:30終了 会場:C校舎2階 )
⾼校に在籍しながら同時にKIU⼤学部の単位が取得できる⾼等部Dual Enrollmentシステムと⼤学部ファウンデーションズ・プログラム、海外⼤学への単位移⾏、卒業⽣の実績などについて説明をいたします。おいしいスナックとお飲み物のご⽤意もあります。
学外からのご参加も歓迎です。お誘い合わせの上、ふるってお越しください !


Guidance Café
We welcome MS – HS students and parents to join a guidance event to learn more about KIUA High School’s Dual Enrollment Program, KIU Foundations Program, credit transfer and graduate profiles. The Guidance Cafe will be held on Wednesday evening, 22 November 2017 at C2 Hall. Doors open at 17:00. Presentations will be given from 17:30 to 19:30. Come and join us for delicious refreshments and useful information.
MS-HS students and parents who are not in KIU Academy are also welcome!

Click hear to download the flyer



Englsih below

KIU アカデミー⼩学部キッズバンドが「京都ヒューマンフェスタ 2017 」に出演

KIU アカデミー⼩学部のキッズバンドが、「京都ヒューマンフェスタ 2017 」のオープニングにて、「アメージンググレイス」と「君は愛されるために⽣まれた」の 2 曲を披露します。ぜひ皆様、お誘い合わせの上ご来場いただき、⽣徒たちのパフォーマンスをお楽しみください!

京都ヒューマンフェスタ 2017
⽇時: 11⽉ 26⽇ (⽇) 午前 10:30〜 *オープニングにて15分ほどの演奏
場所:京都テルサ ( テルサホール) 京都市南区東九条下殿⽥町70番地

詳細はこちらをクリックしてご覧ください。ポスター チラシ


KIU Academy Elementary Kids’ Band will perform“Amazing Grace” and “You were born to be loved
(Kimiha aisarerutameni umareta)” at the Opening of Kyoto prefectural event, Kyoto Human Festa 2017.
Please come and enjoy this with us !

Kyoto Human Festa 2017
November 26t h, Sunday at 10:30 am * about 15 min. performance at the opening
Kyoto Terrsa ( Terrsa Hall ) Kyoto-fu, Kyoto-shi, Minami-ku, Higashikujo Shimotonodacho 70

For more details, please download the flyer here: flyer 1 , flyer 2  

帰国便利帳 Article

KIU Academy has been featured in an article for the 帰国便利帳 magazine, a publication for Japanese families returning to Japan from overseas.

Please click here to download the article (pdf file).

帰国便利帳vol.24 2017-18 秋&冬号「どうなるの?インター卒園・卒業後の進路」(P.58-59)にKIUアカデミーが掲載されました。

こちらをクリック (click here) して記事(pdf file)をダウンロードしていただけます。

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