For students and parents who order school lunches

We have been notified by our school lunch supplier who delivers school lunches that they will not be able to deliver lunches during the Golden Week holidays from May 1 (Sun.) to May 8 (Sun.). We apologize for the inconvenience, but please give your child a lunch you have prepared or purchased at a convenience store on May 2 (Mon.) and May 6 (Fri.).

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

2022 Spring Start of Term Information

Dear Parents,

We hope that you have enjoyed a relaxing Spring break.

KIU Academy will be starting the 2022 school year at the new campus. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we get settled in this new location and adapt to new circumstances.

Traveling to School

We are sorry to say that the completion of the road in front of the new school facility has been delayed, making it very difficult to have parents drive their children to or from the new building at the beginning of the school year.  When the road is completed to the north of our property, our policies may change, but during the spring term we ask that parents refrain from driving to the new campus except in cases of emergency (e.g., to pick up a sick or injured child) or if they have a previously arranged appointment with permission to park.

In addition, the neighborhood organization around our new campus has strongly requested that school traffic not use the narrow side roads that run to the west from the road that passes in front of the school. We would like to build a good relationship with our new neighbors, so we ask for your cooperation in not using these roads. For the same reason, we ask that you not park along the main road leading to the school or on the side roads that turn off from this main road.

If you would like to transport your child by car, we ask that you drop off and pick up your child in the area around Kintetsu Shintanabe Station, preferably at the taxi stand on the northwest side of the station, which is the closest location to the new campus.

Students who come to school by train should use the walk route established by the school. Please instruct your children by using the resource below:

LINK: KIUA new campus - JR / Kintetsu walk route

Bring Lunch to School

Due to the move to the new site, starting this school year students will no longer be allowed to leave the school campus to buy lunch. Parents please make sure to pack a lunch for your children, or provide them with money to buy lunch on the way to school. 

If you wish to order a school lunch, please make your request by 4:00 p.m. the day before. If you have no choice but to order on the day, please be sure to apply by phone by 8:50 a.m. If you have any questions or would like to place orders, please contact the school reception. (0774-64-0804).

School schedule

We will continue using the regular time table. Elementary and middle school will start with homeroom at 8:45, while high school will start at 8:40.

Precautionary measures due to COVID-19 

We plan on continuing to follow the recommendations issued by the Japanese government (Ministry of Education). Please continue to monitor your child’s health condition and fill in the Health Check-up Sheet for April. Students should bring the completed form every day starting from the first day of school (April 18, 2022).

KIU Academy will switch to online classes if the government authorities order school closures, or if cases of infection occur at school. Parents must make sure that their children are ready for a sudden switch to online classes. In order to join online classes students will need a device that is able to connect to the internet and has the necessary hardware to handle conference calls. The software will be provided by the school (G-suite online). We also recommend that you have a printer available at home. For more information, see the link → Recommended Hardware Requirements for PCs or Laptops for KIUA School Work

Stay informed

We strongly encourage you to check our communication channels frequently (KIU Academy News website ( ), your FAMILY PORTAL (Renweb) account and the email address which you provided the school).

Other information and useful links:

Winter 2021 - End of Term Information Letter

Dear Parents,

We are thankful for your continued support as we had to deal with several COVID cases and sudden switches to online schooling this term. Despite these challenges KIU Academy was able to successfully conclude the 2021-2022 academic year with the high school Graduation taking place March 19th.

Term-End Reports:

Report Cards, academic certificates (TOEFL, etc.) and other relevant forms and documents that you will need for the next academic year are being sent by mail. Please check them carefully and contact the school if you have any questions. 

Elementary TOEFL:

Also enclosed are scores for students in grades 2-5 who took the TOEFL Primary or TOEFL Junior test in February.  We are glad to report that 82% of our students got a higher overall score than when they took the test one year ago, and 47% moved up to a higher score level (e.g. from A2 to B1. Note: There are only four possible levels to score on TOEFL primary or TOEFL Junior, starting from A1 (beginner) and culminating with B2 (native English speaker).

Parent Survey:

As we bring this school year to a close, we would like to ask parents to fill out a short questionnaire. You can access the questionnaire by clicking on the link below.

LINK: 2021-2022 Parent Survey

Accreditation Report:

Last February, a team from ACSI and WASC (accreditation agencies) came to KIUA for a periodic accreditation renewal visit. We received the team’s recommendation for re-accreditation with ACSI. Their summary report can be accessed via the link below.

LINK: 2022 ACSI Exit Report - Summary

New School Year & New Campus

The 2022-2023 academic year will start on April 18 (Monday). We are all very excited to start a new school year in a brand new school building. As the first day of class draws near, we will post announcements on the the KIU Academy News website ( ) and on the top page of the FAMILY PORTAL grading website (also known as ParentsWeb / Renweb). Please make sure to check often. When appropriate, we will also send information directly to parents’ email addresses (including the important transportation and parking policies for the new campus).

COVID policies

KIUA will continue to follow the recommendations issued by the Japanese government (Ministry of Education). Please continue to monitor your child’s health condition and fill out the Health Check-up Sheet for April. Students should start filling out the form from April 1st and bring the completed form every day starting from the first day of school (April 18, 2022).

Office announcement

Due to the campus relocation, the KIUA school office's capacity to handle document issuance and other requests will be highly limited during the spring break. Please expect the processing time for any inquiries and requests to be much longer as we need to prioritize ensuring a smooth transition into the new campus. Especially from April 1 to 15, the school office will be focusing on moving-related tasks. Please make your inquiries/requests via emails to instead of phone calls unless necessary. You may experience difficulties reaching us by phone due to potential disruptions to our communication channels during the moving process.

We wish you and your family a restful and peaceful spring break.


Haroldo Simoes

KIU Academy Principal





202 1  年12月29日(水)から2022年1月3日(月)


During the year-end holidays the school office will be closed on Friday, December 24 and  from Wednesday, December 29 to Monday, January 3.

Thank you for your understanding.

KIUA apparel winter sale

Dear Parents and Students,


Thank you for your cooperation and support during fall term.

We are glad that we were able to have classes without interruptions this term.


As we prepare for the start of winter term we would like to encourage you to consider supporting the school by ordering school apparel online.

The apparel company has placed the school cap, polo shirt and jacket on a time-limited sale (until January 10th). 


For instruction on how to order, please click below:

Thank you!

Lost and Forgotten Items



忘れ物・落とし物は、B校舎1Fの忘れ物保管庫 (Lost and Found)または受付で保管し、持ち主が⾒つからない場合は、学期末ごとに処分させていただいております。残念ながら、忘れ物保管庫と傘⽴てには⽇頃から多くの忘れ物と傘が放置され、学期末には⼤量に処分せざるを得ない状況です。⼼当たりのある⽣徒は、学期末までに必ず確認してください。なお、保護者の方で落し物保管庫を確認されたい方は、コロナ感染症対策のため、まずは受付でその旨を申し出ていただけますようご協力お願いします。


  1. 学期末までに持ち主が⾒つからなかった忘れ物・落とし物、 貴重品 、傘⽴てに放置されている傘は、学期最終⽇以降に処分させていただきます。
  2. 貴重品(財布、家や自転車の鍵、充電器、時計、電⼦辞書、イヤホン、眼鏡など)の忘れ物は受付で保管しています。
  3. 個⼈の持ち物には必ず名前を記⼊するようにしてください。


Lost and Forgotten Items

We accumulate a lot of lost and forgotten items and umbrellas throughout the year and we need to dispose of them after the last day of the trimester. 

Students should check the Lost & Found (first floor of the B building or at the reception desk) and umbrella racks for their lost items/umbrellas and take them home before the end of each term. 

If you are a parent/guardian and would like to check the Lost & Found, please inform the receptionist first due to the COVID-19 prevention measures.

Please note:

  1. Lost and found items (including valuable items) and forgotten umbrellas will be disposed of after the last day of the semester.
  2. Valuable items such as unidentified wallets, keys for the house/bicycle, battery chargers/power banks, watches, electronic dictionaries, earphones and pair of glasses are kept at the reception office.
  3. All personal items students bring to school should be labelled with the student’s name.

Please encourage your children to be careful not to forget or lose anything at school.

Thank you


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