KIU has just taken the First Step toward a New Campus

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you so much for your continuous support and cooperation on behalf of KIU Academy.

We would like to update you on our search for a new school location within the Kyotanabe area. Since the land where A and B buildings are located is rented and lease renewal is not an option, we have been looking for a new location for several years. Below you will find basic information about our progress. When there are further developments, we will be sending out updates to you and other supporters of Kyoto International University Academy.

On Friday, February 1, KIU signed the purchase agreement contract for land located four hundred meters north of Shintanabe Station. This is the first step in the long process of buying and developing property to move KIU to a permanent new campus. For completion of this process, there are several steps that will need to be accomplished.

Upcoming phases of the process:

  1. Land sale contract
  2. Kyoto Board of Education campus move approval
  3. Kyoto Prefectural Land Development approval
  4. Bank Loan formal approval 
  5. School Building Permit

It will take about a year to obtain the necessary official permits before the purchase of the property becomes final.  Although a new building has not yet been designed, our goal is to increase classroom space and build a gym on our own property.

As we proceed with planning, we are looking for experts with experience in land development, concrete construction, and green energy to advise us on this project.  If you or someone you know well would be willing to help us, please make an appointment to meet with Peter Blocksom. Since we expect to encounter many challenges, we ask for your prayers, as well as understanding and cooperation.


Thank you very much,

Peter Blocksom


Kyoto International University


On Thursday, November 22, Kyoto International University and KIU Academy will be having a Guidance Café to present information about the KIUA High School and opportunities for its graduates to study at KIU Foundations Program, as well as to study in Japan and in foreign countries.

Elementary parents as well as  middle and high school students and parents are  welcome to join this event.

For more information, please refer to the flyer and reservation form.






A severe weather warning is currently in effect for Kyotanabe-shi, Kyoto prefecture (where the school is located).

As per our usual policy, the school will be closed for the day (please do not send your children to school today).






Typhoon #21 has passed over Kyotanabe city and caused some damage but most classes will not be affected.
Therefore KIU Academy plans to have classes as usual tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 5). First grade students will have classes in a different classroom.
Please check the railway information before sending you child to school. If the trains are not moving, please keep your child at home.


SCHOOL CLOSED - September 4 (Tuesday)





The Japan Meteorological Agency predicts that a severe weather warning is highly probable in Kyotanabe-shi on Tuesday, September 4 due to typhoon 21.  This is likely to be a source of danger to our students and affect public transportation . Because of this, KIU Academy has decided to cancel classes on Tuesday. We ask you not to send your children to school, so we avoid the possibility of them becoming stranded at school due to transportation delays and interruptions. Thank you for your understanding. 


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