We will have the following courses during the summer break:

  • TOEFL Intensive course, July 25 – August 5 at KIU Academy for MS / HS.
  • SAT Intensive courses (Math and/or Critical Reading), July 25 – August 5 at KIU Academy for high school students.

For more details, please download the pamphlet here.

夏休みのクラスは下記の通りで す。

  • TOEFL集中コース:7月25日(月)~8月5日(金)MS・HS対象 場所:KIUA
  • SAT集中コース(数学と分析的読解):7月25日(月)~8月5日(金)HS対象 場所:KIUA


留学説明会 (Study Abroad Explanatory Session)


5/28 (Sat.) 14:00-16:00

C校舎2階 (C Building 2F)                                       Download pamphlet here


KIU presents an interactive panel discussion featuring alumni of the KIU Foundation Program, who are :
1)  currently studying overseas
2) have graduated and returned to work  in Japan
3)  has been accepted and will start studying abroad.

◎ 説明会内容 (Program)
   概要 (Overview)
   留学準備 (Study abroad essentials)
   留学生体験談 (Alumni & parents interview)
   Q & A

◎ お申し込み先 (Register / RSVP to) :
       0774-64-0804/Email :
       Website :

Parent-Teacher Conferences


During the week of May 23 - 27, your child's homeroom teacher would be happy to meet with you to talk about your child's progress at school.  This conference will be for approximately twenty minutes. If you already have regular contact with your child's homeroom teacher, please do not feel that you need to come for this conference as well.  If you would like to talk to a teacher other than your child's homeroom teacher, please arrange to talk with that teacher at some other time.

Because grades are now available online, midterm report cards will no longer be issued. Parents are requested to access their EngradePro account frequently to gain information on their child’s academic performance. Contact the homeroom teacher if you do not have an EngradePro account yet, or if you have lost the log in information.

 先にご連絡のとおり、5月23日(月)から27日(金)にかけまして、ホームルーム担当教員と保護者の皆さまとの個人面談を行います。生徒達の学習状況について、各20分程度を予定しております。 ホームルーム担当教師と普段から連絡を取られていて、今回は面談の必要がないと思われる場合は、提出していただく必要はございません。なお、ホームルーム担当以外の教師と面談を希望される場合は、後日、改めてご連絡くださいますよう、よろしくお願いいたします。

 2015年度のEngradePro導入に伴い、今学期より、中間成績の郵送を廃止させていただくことになりました。昨年同様、お子様の成績などに関しては、随時EngradeProにてご確認いただけますのでどうぞご活用ください。もしEngradePro のアカウントをまだお持ちでない場合や、ログイン情報を紛失された場合は担任教員までお問い合わせください。

MS / HS BBQ and Evacuation Drill


On April 15 (Friday), the middle and high school students will have a barbecue at school to celebrate the start of the new school year. Classes will be taking place as usual during periods 1-4. The barbecue will be held during lunch hour. Students will be served meat, sausages, vegetable salad, fried corn, rice and drink (juice, tea, etc.). If your child cannot eat what we will serve, please give them a bento (lunch box) or other alternative.

After the barbecue students will be participating in an off-campus evacuation drill. For details, please download the letter here.





We would like to thank the KIU community for your support of the 2015 Philippine Service Trip.  Thank you to those of you who participated in the recent Korean Charity Dinner.  We raised almost 90,000 yen that day!  Thank you also to all who donated clothing.  Thank you as well to all of you who participated in our English play days, turned in receipts for your purchases at Family Mart, came to our booth at the school festival, or donated money.  Through your generous support, we were able to raise more than 550,000 yen, which made the trip affordable for all 19 KIUA student participants and allowed us to use more than 200,000 yen to buy toys and food for Filipino children.  Thank you!  Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” and we pray you will truly be blessed for your generosity.


School Festival 2015


< click here to download the full information letter >

On Saturday, October 31, KIU Academy will be having its annual School Festival. It is going to be an amazing day for students and families alike! This year’s theme is “Memories.” The current students’ family members, graduates, and former students of KIU Academy may attend. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises at the entrance gate please also note that, due to limitations on campus space and facilities, friends and acquaintances cannot attend the event. Parking space is also not available, so please avoid coming by car. If you have special physical needs, please call the school office before the day of the festival to make arrangements.

The middle school and high school schedule will be changed due to the School Festival:

 Date (Day)


10/26 – 10/28

Regular classes (All Day)

10/29 (Thursday)

Morning: Regular classes

Afternoon: School Festival preparation

10/30 (Friday)

School Festival preparation (All Day)

10/31 (Saturday)

School Festival

11/2 (Monday)

No school for MS/HS students – substitute holiday

Let’s make this year’s School Festival another incredible experience at KIU academy!

Summer Camp 2015 (MS/HS) 中高生・夏キャンプ2015


Important information and equipment list for the MS/HS Summer Camp 2015. Please click here to download.


On July 6 and 7 the middle and high school students will be taking final exams. On July 8 we will have a day off, and from July 9 to July 11 we will be having a summer camp at Noto Youth Outdoor Learning Center. The schedule will be as follows:

June 6 (Final Exams)

  • 9:05 English
  • 10:15 Japanese
  • 13:05 Social Studies
  • 14:45 Students dismissed

June 7 (Final Exams)

  • 9:00 Science
  • 10:45 Math
  • 12:15 Lunch
  • 12:45 Big cleaning
  • 13:05 Joint homeroom
  • 13:45 Students dismissed

June 8 (Day off)

  • No school for MS / HS

June 9 (First day of Summer Camp)

  • 8:40 Homeroom + Departure from KIUA

June 10 (At camp)

  • Camp activities all day

June 11 (End of Summer Camp)

  • 18:00 Return to KIUA (estimated time)


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